Pocket camera or compact camera is using a point-and-shoot method, point and press the button, easy to use and are usually very few manual settings are done. Quite framing object image on the LCD screen and press the shutter button (shutter), the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed, the aperture focus (will usually take the middle area) and light sensitivity (ISO) to get optimal result, in contrast with DSLR camera or prosumer cameras or mirrorless camera that has a lot of settings button.

You could see the list of the best compact camera at digitlist.com/best-point-and-shoot-cameras/. Another feature is a pocket camera sensor is very small and its body size is also small and relatively offered with cheaper price compared to another type of camera. Although currently there are high-end pocket cameras are more expensive than DSLR. Deciding to buy a camera pocket point-and-shoot is quite easy, but with hundreds of models with varying levels of price and feature packages, to choose the best is not easy, that is why you could click on the link above to see the best pocket camera on the market.