Divorce can happen to any family. Not just because of a serious problem but it could be because of a trivial matter. To live with the family is not easy because a lot of responsibility that we must meet, especially if it becomes a husband. A common problem and is most often found in every household is money. Yes, it can not be denied if the money is the main need every human being because of the money we can buy whatever we want and we need. If we are married, we should be careful in using the money for if we are wasteful and use it to buy something that is not important, there can be disagreements in the house. We can also entangle with debt to meet the needs of our small family. the problem is that we often find it difficult to pay that debt. Actually, the difficulty that we feel because we are not looking for answers like that done by men in http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-cohen/how-anik-singal-ideas-hel_b_13006794.html. He can get out of debt problems that he experienced for several years.

If we let this debt problem continuously and not resolve it, then this can be a complicated problem. Not only with regard to the borrower but is also related to our family. Within a certain time if we can not pay off the debt, then the properties we detained or sealed. Many families choose the shortcut to divorce and decide to split up because he could not live with such conditions. If that be the cause of our parting with our wives, we must prevent it. Consult with the right people and resolve problems with the discussion because if not, we do not find a way out. Paying off debt is the main focus because it is the root of the problem. Once that’s done, then we have to resolve family problems. A clear mind and not easily provoked is the key to get through this period. So, we have to be extra patient and never decide anything bad to panic and emotion.