Sport is an activity that can nourish the body. However, for a photographer, sports photography is an activity or a very important moment for immortalized by the camera shots. Moreover, for a journalistic photographer whose job shooting a wide range of sporting activities such as football, badminton, and other sports. In single-event sports like tennis and badminton tournaments, the majority of the photos is the protrusion of the player. So the resulting image as if the photo was the talk or generate a sense that the photographer can translate reality through his experience. As a photographer, we must be observant in capturing or shooting a good moment so that the photo can display a variety of expressions and emotions of players and spectators. Photo disappointed supporters who laugh or be able to complete a coverage that does not show the face of the athlete continues.

Taking photographs of sports or journalism, it takes things as follows.

1. Using a high ISO

Using a fast shutter speed and aperture are not possible for a photographer to get good photos with good lighting, too. So we need a high ISO of around 1600 or more. However, if we set the ISO to a higher will make the images be noise. But a situation like this encourages us to choose photos that have noise or blur or blurry photo.

2. Using a large aperture

In order to help get a high shutter speed, we need a large aperture such as f / 2.8. However, if we only have the lens (zoom lens) with the largest aperture of f / 5.6 or smaller than that, we can find a location that a lot of light. This is a challenge for the photographer to get the photos in a good light. Usually, we need a fixed lens, because the fixed lens has only one maximum aperture of around f / 1.4 or f / 2.8

3. Using a fast Shutter Speed

Fast shutter speed is used to freeze the movement of the athlete. Using the Shutter Priority mode, we can change the shutter becomes 1/500 or more.

4. Turn off the flash

Actually, flash deemed important enough to produce images with good lighting. Flash is rarely used for sports photography because it can impair vision athlete.