There are different types of surgical procedures performed by orthopaedic surgeons every day and some of the most common ones will be discussed in the following. To get more details about the orthopaedic surgery, you can go to the website of an orthopaedic specialist from Houston, Texas, on

– Arthroscopy
a minimally invasive technique that advanced to diagnose and repair the damaged joint tissue is done by using the sonde which is a thin tube and small appliances.

– Repair of fractures
Surgery is performed to treat a fracture in the ankle, foot, hip, ribs, arm, collarbone which is almost all the bones; involves slicing through bone repaired or restored to its original place, usually by using a screw or a splint.

– Repair of damaged tissue
It is one of the procedures of the surgery where the torn ligament or tendon transplant restored in a way that is taken from elsewhere in the body.