There are a lot of requirements that a person needs to meet if he or she wants to get the UK visa. One of the most important requirements that a person needs to have is the certificate of the B1 English Exam. It’s a vital necessity which needs to be acquired by anyone who wants to get the UK visa. Although getting the visa to the United Kingdom, isn’t as hard as getting the USA visa, the test still needs to be done well in order to get the B1 English certificate. Visit the if you want to try to take the test.

The B1 English is a speaking and listening test exam at the B1 level on the CEFR. The main idea of this exam is by testing the candidate conversation and listening skill. The candidate must show his or her skill during the discussions session. The candidate needs to respond properly to the examiner’s questions, he or she must give the examiner a series of points about the discussed matter, then the applicant will participate the informal discussion about the prepared topic. He or she needs request for clarifications and reasons due to the making of particular statements, the applicant needs to ask at least one question as well.