Many people are considering pregnancy miracle book due to its ability to help women get pregnant without involving harmful way. As mentioned before, we just provide safe and natural ways, so are not at any risk when trying out the tips we write in the book. Getting pregnant is something unpredictable, right? However, you will have the chance for it if you have good habit and lifestyle. You know well that you have no problem associated with your intercourse but still have the difficult to get pregnant. This article tries to help you find out the possible cause why you are still not getting pregnant. By learning things to avoid before getting pregnant, you will understand how many mistakes you have made and cause you not getting the desired pregnant. So, what should you avoid?

If you are planning for the pregnancy with a medical way or natural way or whatever it is, trim down on high-mercury fish. We suggest you cut back on your consumption of such this kind of fish although you like a fish. Highest mercury fish should be avoided and be kept to only three  6-oz servings per month.

Also, it is recommended to ditch the extra pounds. Perhaps you wonder how having too much or too little body fat can cause irregular or infrequent ovulation. If your body mass index is between 24 and 30, you are most fertile.

Do you have the idea to lid on soda and fruit juice? Many people advise there are about how your diet affects your fertility. Why? Well, soda and fruit juice are high in sugar unless you drink a fruit juice without adding sugar. High in sugar foods and drinks could raise the blood sugar very quickly and then have the negative impact on fertility. So, will you now follow our tips by buying our book designed for those who want to get pregnant?