The hard drive is very vital for the computer as a tool to save the data which you create by using the computer. Interestingly, the hard drive is not only used by the computer but also it is also used in other devices such as such as portable mp3, DVRs, Play station. In many businesses possess hundreds hard disk drive in the office. As a medium to save the data, the hard disk drive plays important roles to save the data of being corrupted or damaged. If you need help to maintain the hard drive, you can hire Philadelphia Data Recovery Service which can protect and recover your data safely.

When it comes to damaged hard disk drive, there are some traits that you need to know if your hard disk drive gets damaged in which some of the computer users don’t know the traits and realize that the computer is running corruptly. Here are some traits that the hard disk drive of your computer is broken or damaged:

1.    There is a sound from the CPU which caused by the broken HDD

If the hard disk drive gets damaged, the hard disk drive can produce a clicking sound. The clicking sound can be occurred just a while you switch on your computer and it might stop in a few minutes later.

2.    Error message on the computer screen

It is the most common sign when there is a failure on the hard disk drive. The error message emerges on the computer screen when the computer is not able to access the files which are saved in the hard disk drive to start the program.  “file not found” or “file is corrupted” are the common message which appears when hard disk drive is broken.

If you have the trouble with your hard disk system, you can contact Philadelphia Data Recovery Service soon.